Back in the Center of Society

As a follow-up to a talk I gave this past spring, the Steyler Missionaries' China Zentrum in Sankt Augustin, Germany, asked me to write a piece on religion in China--a big question...

The result is this piece, which appeared last month in German here, and now appears here in English. In it, I argue that religion is back in the center of Chinese society after a hiatus during the tumult of the 20th century.

I was also honored to share the pages with Fredrik Fällmann, who writes a piece on women in the Protestant church, and Dominic Niu, who writes on Catholic inculturation--in other words, the very profound and current queston of how much one should accommodate Christianity (or any religion) to local practices.

As usual, the editing team, led by Katharina Wenzel-Teuber, was superb, saving me from many silly errors! Thanks also to the Magnum photographer, Sim Chi Yin, for permission to use photos, which break up the masses of grey text...

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Posted by: ian
Sep 11, 2018