The Tao of the West

In my latest for The New York Review of Books, I look at Taoism: how it moved westward and created a new religion; as a green religion; and how western universities systematically ignore Chinese and other non-western philosophy.
A series of excellent books by David A. Palmer, Elijah Siegler, Bryan Van Norden and James Miller.
Note that the article is paywalled--at least until early December, 2018, when ChinaFile will pick it up and, as per an existing agreement with the NYRB, offer it for free.
Finally, thanks to Sim Chiyin of Magnum Photos for allowing the NYRB to use her cool photo of Chinese meditating at the caves to Huang Daxian (黄大仙) in Jinhua, Zhejiang province, from a trip we made there in 2011 and which I describe in my book, The Souls of China.


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Posted by: ian
Oct 20, 2018