Talking Souls of China in Chinese

It's one thing to write and talk about Chinese people's spiritual life in English; it's something else to address them directly in their own language.

But I was privileged to do so in February when the Gusa publishing house in Taipei invited me over for the launch of its translation of Souls of China. The experience was fantastic, even if a bit nerve-wracking, with talks at the huge Eselite bookstore in Taipei, participation in a panel at the Taipei Book Fair, and a lecture at National Chengchi University. 

The audience at all of these events were great: standing-room only at the book fair, fifty people at the book store, and twenty discerning (and generous) academics at the university roundtable. Thanks especially to Joshua Wang at Gusa, who put it all together, and the publisher himself, Fu Cha. 


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Posted by: ian
Mar 2, 2019