The Oxford Illustrated History of Modern China


A collection of a dozen essays taking readers from the Qing to the 21st century by leading historians in the field, as well as a "coda," or epilogue, that I wrote trying to show how history plays a role in today's society. 

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This book was published in June 2016 in the U.K. and September 2016 in the United States. 


Jeffrey Wasserstrom: Introduction

1: Anne Gerritsen: From Late Ming to High Qing, 1550-1792

2: Stephen R. Platt: New Domestic and Global Challenges, 792-1860

3: Robert Bickers: Restoration and reform, 1860-1900

4: Peter Zarrow: Felling a Dynasty, Founding a Republic

5: James Carter: The Rise of Nationalism and Revolutionary Parties, 1919-1937

 6: Rana Mitter: The War Years, 1937-1949

 7: S. A. Smith: The Early Years of the People's Republic, 1950-1964

8: Richard Curt Kraus: The Cultural Revolution Era, 1964-1976

9: Timothy Cheek: Reform and Rebuilding, 1976-1988

10: Jeffrey Wasserstrom and Kate Merkel-Hess: Tiananmen and Its Aftermath, 1989-1999

11: William A. Callahan: China Rising, 2000-201

12: Ian Johnson: The Presence of the Past - A Coda


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