Interviews about The Souls of China

Below are interviews, in reverse chronological order, about The Souls of China

NPR's All Things Considered
12 April 2017
An interview with NPR's Ari Shapiro on China's spiritual awakening. Listen to the talk here.
Asia Society website
10 April 2017
Matt Schiavenza
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Young China Watchers
10 April 2017
Interview with Jun Liang Yap
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The Initium
10 April 2017 
Interview with journalist Zhao Han on China's religious revival. 
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The Wall Street Journal
China Real Time Report
31 March 2017
"Writing China: The Return of Chinese Soul-Searching"
Interview with Te-ping Chen
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Christianity Today
30 March 2017
"An Inside Look at China's Remarkable Religious Resurgence"
Interview with Rob Moll
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LA Review of Books Blog
29 March 2017
"Awakening, Returning, and Looking Forward: An Interview with Ian Johnson"
Interview with Ting Guo. 
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