On Wednesday I picked up the unbound galleys of my book and now have to start proofreading....
Oct 22, 2016
Another early reader has this to say about The Souls of China:
Oct 11, 2016
My piece in the New York Times on Xi's efforts to keep a lid on China's explosive religious…
Oct 7, 2016
Final copy edits for The Souls of China
Sep 24, 2016
In this insightful review as a Weixin post , the Chinese Christian author Promise Hsu gives an…
Sep 10, 2016
While copy-editing my new book on China's religious revival, I came across this photo in my files…
Sep 2, 2016
In this Q&A with Terry Kleeman for the NYT's Sinosphere blog , we talk about the origins of…
Aug 9, 2016
This should be the title of a very eclectic conference I'll be attending in August. 
Jul 26, 2016

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